August 2019 LVL

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I thoroughly enjoyed participating in Career Day for 5th graders at Old Farmers and Flocktown-Kossman Elementary Schools in June. The youth were ave and asked interesting questions. Most of the children were from the Christian tradition (including Greek Orthodox), one youth was from the Hindu tradition, and a few weren’t sure about their religious affiliation. I so enjoyed the experience that I signed up to volunteer at Old Farmers in the fall!

Pastor Ingrid’s church office hours are Monday – Thursday 9–12pm and 2pm–5pm, during which time she will also be making visits – so if you need to meet with her, please call to make sure she is in the office. Also, you can reach Pastor Ingrid by email at: or by cell phone at (215) 692-2091. The Parish Center office hours will continue to be Monday through Thursday, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm, closed on Fridays.