Pastor’s Corner


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Most of you should have received letters concerning our fall stewardship drive to secure financial pledges for the coming calendar year.  The letter asks you and all our members to “Bee Generous” in your financial support of Zion Lutheran Church.  As hives of bees work together for the sake of the swarm, we hope that everyone at Zion Church can do some part in securing the financial stability of the congregation.

Please get your pledge card back to us via mail, Sunday offering plate, or the box in the church narthex.  We encourage you to return your card even if you are unsure of your commitment or can make no financial pledge at all.  For each pledge card returned, a bee will be added to the hive in the sanctuary.  With Pastor  Wengert “on her way”, Zion needs strong commitments from its members to demonstrate our support of her ministry here!


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