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Building Use Reminders

Categories: Parish Life

The Property Committee has been discussing several issues of importance as it relates to the use of our building—particularly Faith Hall. Faith Hall has had increasing community use over the last few years—which is exactly what we hoped for—but in turn presents some challenges, especially because we share this space with the pre-school.

A few things to remember:

1) During the week and whenever the LVCNS is in session, the Men’s bathroom is a single-use, “Unisex” bathroom. Adults may never share a bathroom with the children. (There will be some new signs installed to mark the bathrooms and detail procedure).

2) Building keys may NEVER be duplicated or shared with others who have not been officially issued keys. (There will also be more on this later).

3) Folks who need to use the church or Faith Hall during the school day must always check-in through the Parish Center office or sign-in at the LVCNS office.

4) Accidents or incidents must be reported to the office through the use of the accident forms located on the bulletin boards (yes even spills!). New “Emergency Carpet Cleaning Kits” are being prepared in case of spills during events.

Some of these rules are due to the necessity of complying with state regulations for school and public use buildings. Others are good house rules to follow.  More detail will follow in the coming months. If you have any questions regarding building procedures, please contact Malainie Hibler, Bill Howell or Laura in the office. When in doubt—ask!!!


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