Church Council

Got questions, thoughts, suggestions about life at Zion?

It is time for a mid-year “Ask Us Anything Session”! The Zion church council will be available during Coffee Hour on July 15th to take your questions and suggestions. A mid-year financial overview will be presented and then the floor will be opened for anything you would like to discuss so …“ask us anything”!

Join the Call Prayer Team!

Your prayers are making a difference! The Lord is moving in incredible ways. Please keep praying for the Call Team! Together we can gather that mustard seed sized grain of faith it takes to move this mountain and find the right pastor for us.


Our prayers and full support are needed to help the call team through the challenging call process. We need the prayers of the entire congregation as well as our far flung Zion family. Will you please join our prayer team and pray that our Call Team receives the wisdom and guidance of the Holy Spirit?  Each week we will present the Call Prayer Team verse of the week. We hope that you will use it to meditate, pray over, and help grow your own prayer life. This week’s prayer verse is:

 With great power the apostles gave their testimony to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and great grace was upon them all.” Acts 4:33


If you no longer live in our area then it would be especially appreciated if you could email a couple of words of support to:

[email protected].

We will print your messages  in the LVL and they will provide great encouragement to the team.


           Fred Humcke, Council President


Council White Board Items

At the last Annual Congregational Meeting some items were placed on the church council’s “White Board To-Do list”. The following is an update on those items.


 * An analysis of the building expenses related to the building


The property committee has looked into this. It is difficult to calculate because things like heat are always on at some level. The cost of electricity to keep the lights on, or the incremental cost of higher heat needed for a building user can’t be determined from the information we have available. The property committee has proposed that we require a security deposit from building users in case their use requires extra cleaning or maintenance/repairs. We are moving forward to implement this.

  • An outreach plan to be prepared within three months with the aim of increasing


Outreach has been active in this area. They have spoken to Crossroads to strengthen our bonds and work on getting our youth volunteers training from Crossroads. Work has been done to make Zion’s offerings more prominent in local media. Zion’s website is being updated. Look for more details in an upcoming LVL. Contact Outreach Chairman Reinhard Schwartz for more information or to volunteer.

* Contingency plans in the event attendance continues to decline.

The contingency plan for this event would be to share a pastor with another Lutheran church in the area. The Synod would find us a match should that time ever come.

* An analysis of the LVCNS contribution and use of Faith Hall in a macro sense relative to outreach and increasing attendance.

In general the LVCNS does not impact our ability to rent out Faith Hall. They use the Hall on weekday mornings which are not popular rental times. The main issue with the school is tearing down their setup and putting it up again when there are events in the Hall. This puts a strain on our volunteers. The property committee has proposed charging a small fee so that we could pay someone to do the tear down and setup. The details are being worked out and the discussion is ongoing.

* Timetable for changing the worship time back to the old schedule.