Lost and Found

We have a small basket of found items on the coat hook in the Parish Offices.  If you lost something—look there.  If you found something place it there. Thank you!


It is important that our doors are locked at all times when the building is not in use for the safety of the LVCNS children, as well as to be in compliance with regulations governing the Nursery School.  We have many groups using the buildings at all times during the week, but it is important that everyone be mindful  in this regard.  If you are the last one in the building—please check the doors! Don’t assume someone else has done it.


Giving Envelopes and Tax Statements

The 2018 tax statements will be in the Narthex beginning this Sunday, January 13th.There are also a few boxes of envelopes that have not been picked up yet. Please try and pick them up at your earliest convenience to save the church the expense of mailing them. If a box has not been provided for you and you would like one, or if you have any questions regarding your tax statement, please contact Barbara Schulz at (201)787-7460 or at [email protected].

Motorized Wheelchair Available

Zion member Joseph Seewald would like to offer a motorized wheelchair to anyone in the congregation that wants it. He believes it is a “Hoverround”. New batteries will be needed (approximate cost $200), but the chair is free to anyone who thinks it might be useful for them. If you are interested, please contact Joseph at  [email protected] for pictures or for more information.

Mutual Ministry Committee

Just a little reminder that if you are on the Mutual Ministry Committee, there is a meeting at 6 PM on Tuesday, January 8th in theAdult Forum Room. The meeting will end promptly at 7 PM to make way for the Executive Council meeting at 7 PM.

Pageant Thanks

We thank all those who worked so hard to make the Annual Christmas Pageant a success, especially Marge Scudese. If you have pictures, please send them in to Laura in the office so we can get them up on Facebook and in the January newsletter.

Dear Zion Lutheran Church,

The Long Valley Community Assistance Program (LVCAP) wishes to thank you for your $418.94 donation to our organization. The volunteers who manage LVCP, the area churches that support it, and most importantly your neighbors who use the food pantry are all grateful for your trust in the program and your decision to contribute. Our organization exists to ease the burdens of our residents who are food insecure or in need. Thanks again for giving generously to LVCAP.

Sincerely yours, Lisa Woodring, LVCAP Treasurer

Dear Pr. Schroeder,

Andrew, Zeke, and I received the adorable cards from Zion Lutheran’s Sunday School children a few days ago. Thank you so much! It was very kind of you to think of missionaries and send us a little something to brighten up our day. I’ll add the congregation to the list for our newsletter, which comes out every two months. I see you’re an interim pastor at present, so this may not be the best time for the congregation to think about it, but we are always looking for congregations to partner with. Please let us know if you would be interested in pursuing this possibility!

Grace & peace, Rev. Dr. Sarah Hinlicky Wilson, Associate Pastor,
Tokyo Lutheran Church Visiting Professor, Institute for Ecumenical Research

On November 18th we said good-bye to Pastor Dan Schroeder, our Interim Pastor for the last two years. In that time period he has had a big impact on the life of our congregation, and will be remembered for his steadfastness, kindness and patience. He navigated the congregation through some challenging times and leaves us at the door to a bright future with Pastor Ingrid Wengert.

Thank you, Farewell and Godspeed

Pastor Dan!