It is important that our doors are locked at all times when the building is not in use for the safety of the LVCNS children, as well as to be in compliance with regulations governing the Nursery School.  We have many groups using the buildings at all times during the week, but it is important that everyone be mindful  in this regard.  If you are the last one in the building—please check the doors! Don’t assume someone else has done it.


Housekeeping Reminders

Please obey posted signs on the garbage dumpsters, because not following the rules may result in extra charges applied to Zion’s bill as well as the “spoiling” of an entire load of recyclables. The recycling container is “single stream” which means that all clean recycling should be dumped in the dumpster, as is, and without plastic bags. No garbage, no non-recyclable material , no construction materials may be placed in the bin. When in doubt—ask! Thank you!

If you have time and can take on any painting (you don’t have to do it all –an hour or two can be a big help) , please contact Bill Howell at [email protected] or (678)232-2730, or contact Laura in the office.

Property Update

We have been taking a more assertive approach to control heating and air conditioning expenses and it is working! During the heating season the temperature in our buildings will be allowed to drop as low as 55 degrees overnight and when the building is not occupied. During the summer the temperature will be allowed to go as high as 85 degrees overnight and when the building is not occupied. The temperature can be adjusted by overriding the scheduled temperature using the thermostat. Please do not use the “hold” button. If you have questions about property matters, please contact Bill Howell at (678) 232-2730.

final Historic Preservation Plan

The final Historic Preservation Plan prepared by John Bolt and his team has been submitted to the Morris County Preservation Committee and approved! The Zion Preservation and Property Committees will begin addressing the identified priorities for repair and maintenance of the church property. The most pressing issue is the crawl area under the Narthex and Sanctuary, which is experiencing ongoing moisture issues. The effort to open up an exterior access to that area is already underway. Please exercise caution in that area! If you have any questions, please contact: Marlena Schilke at [email protected]

Care and maintenance of the Zion “campus” is an ongoing and challenging job. It takes a “village” and we can always use more help! Currently we’d like to finish off the painting projects in the upstairs area of the Parish Center offices so that space is fully functional. If you have time and can take on any painting (you don’t have to do the whole thing –an hour or two can be a big help) , please contact Bill Howell at [email protected] or (678)232-2730, or contact Laura in the office.

Lower Electric Bills

 – although we only have two months worth of data, these preliminary results indicate that the installation of more efficient lighting in the sanctuary and education wing will result is monthly savings of 30% – 40% in kilo-watt hours consumed! Our investment in the state sponsored energy program should pay for itself in about two years. After that, the savings will be ‘money in our pockets’.

Parsonage Moving and Painting

Marlena Schilke has moved out of the parsonage and Pastor Ingrid is moving in on Nov. 15th! We need volunteers to wash the windows, rake the yard and possibly paint the porch.  Contact Marcia Horner at [email protected] or by phone at (908) 887-7085 to schedule a time to work. Even a couple of hours can make a big impact!

Reinhard Schwartz and Doug Koeppen performed their own archaeological dig to uncover the old stairway leading to the crawl under the church. Entry to the crawl will allow water to be pumped out and repairs to be made to the structure under the Sanctuary according to the specifications in the Historical Preservation Plan that was developed by John Bolt and his team. A new set of “bulkhead” doors will be installed over the stairway. Do use caution until the job is complete!

Thank you so much to all who attended the 38th Annual Corn Roast for making it a memorable day filled with fellowship, (and delicious food and desserts)! Many thanks to God for the beautiful weather and to all those who helped with food prep, set-up/clean-up and grilling. Special thanks to Fred Humcke for getting his hands dirty assisting with grill set-up.