Calling All Painters and organizers!

We are getting the offices ready with hope and anticipation that we will have a new Pastor shortly. We’d like to put our best foot forward with an organized and useful space in the Parish Center offices. Thanks to Joseph Seewald and Bill Howell for helping Laura to clear out some rooms upstairs, and to Ann Rahmann, Linda Tucker, Marcia Davidson and Judy Samuelson for continuing to sort through files. (If you’d like to help sort – come on Tuesdays after 9:30 AM). Please contact Bill Howell at [email protected] or Laura in the office if you can help paint some small rooms. They aren’t huge and are partially painted. We’ll furnish the supplies, and you can paint at a time that’s convenient for you!



This week we are implementing the NJ energy savings program called Direct Install.  The Donnelly Company has replaced all of the existing bulbs and fixtures in the sanctuary, the education wing, and Fields Hall with high efficiency LED bulbs.  The cost of the project is being shared by the Direct Install program and Zion, with Zion paying only 30% of the cost.  Our portion of the bill is less than $2,300 and our investment in this project is expected to pay for itself in less than two years.

Thrivent Choice Dollars

If you hold Thrivent Financial products, you may have Choice Dollars to donate to a charity of your choice. To determine if you have dollars to donate, log onto your Thrivent account and select Choice Dollars. Follow the prompts to select a charity to receive your donation. This is a simple and easy way to make a contribution by just “clicking” your keyboard keys! Zion would love to be the beneficiary of your Choice Dollars, and donating to Zion builds the Youth Fund for the next Youth Gathering in 2021!  So far in 2018, Zion Lutheran Church has received $1,302 through the Thrivent Choice® program.



We have begun sorting out old paper in the office (old bills, bulletins, etc.). If you can help our group of volunteers on Tuesday mornings, please come to the office after 9:30 AM. We also need some help moving old filing cabinets and other material out of the upstairs Parish center offices (calling available youth!). Please contact Bill Howell at [email protected] or Laura in the office if you can help.


Please be sure to stop by the Parish Center offices to look at some of the interesting historical artifacts from Zion’s past. Zion member Helga Schwartz is working on cataloging and preserving many documents, pictures and artifacts for future generations, and has written extensively on the history of Zion in her book “Passing on the Faith, 1760-2010, 250 Years of Ministry, Zion Lutheran Church, In the Heart of Long Valley”. Copies of her book are available for a donation to the Historic Preservation Fund

Historical Time Capsule…….Zion in 1776

by Helga Schwartz

Independence Day, the Fourth of July, will be here soon. We’d like to look back to 1776, the founding of our Nation, which is 16 years younger than our church! Zion was organized in 1760. Distinguished preachers were among the ministers who served the people of the “Valley”. Among those ministers were members of the Muhlenberg family beginning with the “Father” of the American Lutheranism, Henry Melchior Muhlenberg. His eldest son, John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg followed in the footsteps of his father and became our minister from 1769 to 1771. In March 1771 he received a call from Woodstock, Virginia, where in 1776 he gave his famous sermon on the text:

“There is a season to every purpose under heaven”, ending with the words: “a time to preach and a time to pray, but there is also a time to fight, and that time has now come.”

At the end of the service he exchanged his pastoral robe for a military uniform. Peter Muhlenberg earnestly espoused the cause of the Colonists and he joined the Revolutionary Army. The day after his sermon, he led a force of three hundred men enlisted from his own congregation. Those men became the nucleus of the Army’s Eighth Regiment. He accepted General Washington’s commission as Colonel and remained in the army until the close of the war, by which time he occupied the position of Major General. As early as before the founding of our
Republic, he was a patriot with a distinguished political and civic career.
John Peter Muhlenberg died October 1,1807.

Help Wanted! We are still looking for some volunteers to give us a few hours of their time to do some painting in the Parish Center. This can be done at your convenience. Materials (paint,  brushes, rollers) are available. The Property Committee can also use help on a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. If you can spare a few hours of time to help please contact Bill Howell at [email protected], (678) 232-2730 or (908) 876-0078.

Historical Preservation Plan

The 75% Completion phase of the Historic Preservation Plan has been completed. The plan was submitted and reviewed by the Morris County Preservation Committee. Zion received 75% of the grant award, and has remitted that and Zion’s share to the architect of the plan, John Bolt. The final plan will be delivered in September. A meeting to review the preliminary plan is being organized. For questions contact Marlena at [email protected]

Zion Field

The removal of the baseball cage on our back field by Washington Township is complete and the field is already greening up (thanks to the endless wet weather)! Think of the possibilities! If you have ideas for using our new space, please let us know here in the office and we will pass them on. Thanks to Bill Howell for overseeing the process. Other projects on the Property Team docket include sealing and re-striping the parking lot and overseeing upcoming electrical projects. Thank you Bill for your daily attention to Zion’s Properties

The long days during the summer months are a perfect time to complete some projects. If you can help the property team this summer, please check the property board in Fields Hall for our list of manageable property projects, and contact Bill Howell at [email protected]. You can help at a time convenient for you and we’ll provide the supplies!