The Transition Team has been slowed a bit by all the bad weather that we have had over the past month, and met on Monday, March 26th to discuss ways in which they could assist and encourage the work of the Call Committee.  After doing some work on documents and statistics that the Call Committee will need and gathering information toward cleaning up our membership roll, the team will stand ready to assist the Call Committee as needed.  The Transition Team will also be asking the congregation to do some “narrowing down” of most desired pastoral qualities on Easter Sunday. As always, if you have questions or concerns about the transition process, don’t hesitate to contact any member of your Transition Team: Dottie Weis, Megan Davis, Harry Bullock, Bill Howell, Diane Rochotte, Maddie Bataille and Pastor Dan Schroeder.

The Call Committee has continued to meet and to work on the preparation of the Site Profile. The Site Profile is the document that will describe Zion Church and its pastoral needs to the New Jersey Synod and to any who might be interested in being a candidate for the pastoral position here. Since this document will be the “face of Zion”, it is very important that we take the time to make it as accurate as possible and as inviting as possible. When we have completed the Site Profile, there will be a meeting of the Church Council and Call Committee with a New Jersey Synod representative to launch the search process.

The members of your Call Committee are: Larry Salvatore, Christine Stabile, Emily Rochotte, Isabella Brobst, John Zeier, Linda Tucker, Marcia Horner, and Tom Scudese.

The Transition Team will meet next at the direction of the Call Committee. The Call Committee will meet next on April 9th at 7:00 pm in the Adult Forum Room. 



Transition Team Discussion February 18th

Sunday School Parents are invited to join the transition team for fellowship and a brief discussion about the transition process as Zion moves forward in choosing a new pastor.  Join them anytime between 9:15 am and 10:30 amSunday, February 18th in Faith Hall for coffee and conversation.


Friends in Christ,

We have come to a point in our transition time together for me to put on my “transition hat” and to review with you where we are in our transition and what the next steps will be.  I’ve also asked Laura to include in this newsletter the “transition roadmap” that our Transition Team created a few months ago.

On January 28th at our Annual Congregational Meeting Fred Humcke announced the makeup of Zion’s Church Council appointed Call Committee.  The committee members were selected based upon the suggestions given by church members back in December and with the intent to have a committee that is diverse and which represents the congregation well.  The Call Committee members are:  Marcia Horner, Emily Rochotte, Larry Salvatore, Tom Scudese, Christine Stabile and Linda Tucker.  It will be the task of this committee to request candidates from the Synod and then to interview those candidates. This is a big job and we ask that you keep the committee in your prayers.

Once more, the process for securing a new pastor is this: The Call Committee and Church Council submit to the Synod a document known as the Site Profile which tells the Synod about the church and what we are looking for in a pastor.  The Bishop will then recommend one candidate who will be interviewed by the Call Committee.  If the Call Committee approves the candidate, they will pass the information and the candidate to the Church Council for another interview or interviews.  If the Church Council approves the candidate, they will pass the candidate on to the Congregation who will receive information on the candidate and will hear the candidate preach and lead worship.  After that worship service a congregational meeting will be called to vote to receive or reject the candidate as Zion’s next pastor.  A 2/3 majority vote is required to call the pastor and the pastor.  At every step of the process the candidate can be rejected (by the Call Committee, the Council or the Congregation) or can himself/herself opt out of the process.  If the candidate is rejected or declines, another candidate will be offered by the Bishop and the process will begin anew.

In the meantime our Transition Team will continue to gather information that will be passed to the Call Committee and Council.  Please keep an eye out for future discussion group opportunities!  And please know that my office is always open to you for your opinions and wisdom to share, especially if you cannot make it to one of our discussion groups.  Now, more than ever, you need to keep yourself abreast of current events at Zion; so watch your monthly Long Valley Lutheran newsletter, your weekly Happenings, and your announcements on Sundays.

And also in the meantime, life at Zion Lutheran Church will continue as usual.  What I have said many times over, I continue to say – I am your “full service” pastor!  Please let me know of illnesses, injuries, life changes and especially of hospitalizations of anyone in the congregation.  I would much rather be notified six times that “Art” is in the hospital than to find out three weeks after the fact that “Art” had been in the hospital! Grace and Peace, 

Pastor Dan

Transition Survey Deadline

We hope all of you are hard at work completing your Transition Surveys! 65 people have taken the survey so far—what about you?? You may complete the survey online by going to  the following URL:, or pick up a hard copy in the Narthex and return it to the box also located in the Narthex. The survey deadline is October 23rd.  If you have any questions, please contact a member of your Transition Team: Bill Howell, Dottie Weis, Maddie Bataille, Megan Davis, and Diane Rochotte.



An important piece of our transition process is the gathering of information and opinions from the congregation.  An important piece of this “gathering” is a survey that has been organized by your Transition Team.  The survey can be taken online, beginning on Friday, October 6th, on a site called “Survey Monkey” by clicking on the link below:

Please note!  If you start the survey online and are forced to quit the survey before you have finished it, make note of what section and question you are on.  You can then enter the survey site at a later time and start a new survey where you left off.

If you are not comfortable taking online surveys, we will have paper copies available at the church.  We will even mail you a paper survey if you contact the church office!  The survey will give our Transition Team information that will be passed on to a future Call Committee, and will also highlight areas upon which we can center future discussions.

It is critical that we get as many people participating in this survey as possible.  The more participants, the more accurately our information will represent the entire congregation.  So please take the time to fill out a survey.  If you have questions, you may contact the church office or any member of the Transition Team.

Transition Team members:

Bill Howell,   Dottie Weis,   Maddie Bataille,   Megan Davis,   Diane Rochotte