On November 18th we said good-bye to Pastor Dan Schroeder, our Interim Pastor for the last two years. In that time period he has had a big impact on the life of our congregation, and will be remembered for his steadfastness, kindness and patience. He navigated the congregation through some challenging times and leaves us at the door to a bright future with Pastor Ingrid Wengert.

Thank you, Farewell and Godspeed

Pastor Dan!

Candidate Sunday Was a Success!

On Sunday, October 7th, Zion members voted to call the Reverend Ingrid Wengert to Zion as Zion’s next settled pastor. She has notified her home congregation, so we are free to share the joy we feel in moving forward together into a bright future for Zion. We thank all of the members of the Transition and Call Committees, the Church Council and Pastor Dan Schroeder for their tireless work over the last two years in getting us to this point. Pastor Ingrid’s first Sunday in the pulpit is November 25thDetails of the transition and Pastor Dan’s last day will be forthcoming. Welcome to Zion Pastor Ingrid!


Call Committee Update

by Fred Humcke, Council President
The church council would like to give our sincere thanks to the call committee for their time, work, and dedication to the call process. Their efforts will allow the congregation and ministry of Zion to move forward in the years to come.

To Recap:

*The call committee has been very busy meeting most Monday nights for the past several months. They have written Zion’s site profile and submitted it to the synod after approval from the church council. They  have worked on interviewing techniques which they tested and refined by practicing on a local pastor.


As you know there is currently a candidate under consideration.

*The call committee has interviewed the candidate.  The call committee, at the invitation of the candidate, has gone to the candidate’s church to hear them preach and interact with their congregation. Based on that evaluation the call committee formally recommended the candidate to the church council.

On Tuesday, August 21st, there was a joint meeting of the council, the call committee, and the candidate.

*The council reviewed the report and recommendation of the call committee. The council then interviewed the candidate as well as answering questions from the candidate. We also reviewed and came to an agreement on compensation. The candidate was then excused and there was a round of discussion between the council and call committee. A vote was then called. The council voted unanimously to approve the recommendation of the call committee and present the candidate to the congregation.

Next steps:

The candidate will come to Zion and lead a Sunday worship service. On October 7th at 10:30, and we hope all members of Zion will attend.

*Immediately following the service there will be a congregational meeting lead by the synod’s representative.  At that meeting the congregation will vote on whether to call the candidate to be Zion’s next pastor. There will be a meet and greet with the candidate on October 6th from 6:30 to 9:00 PM in Faith Hall. We are still keeping the name and location of the candidate confidential. The call is not guaranteed and it would not be helpful for the candidate’s congregation to find out they are considering other opportunities at this time.

The members of your Call Committee are:

Larry Salvatore, Christine Stabile, Emily Rochotte, Isabella Brobst, John Zeier, Linda Tucker, Marcia Horner, and  Tom Scudese


Call Committee update

The Call Committee has received a candidate profile (resume) from the synod. The candidate has been interviewed by the committee. Arrangements are now being made for the Call Committee to hear the candidate preach at a neutral location (not their church or ours). If that goes well, the next step would be for the Call Committee to present the candidate to the church council.

Details about call process can be found on the NJ Synod’s website here:


Call Committee

Progress in being made in the call process. The Call Committee has interviewed a pastoral candidate and is in the process of setting up an opportunity to hear the candidate preach. Please continue to pray for the Call Committee as they work through the call process.


Call Committee update

Zion’s Call committee has submitted the church “Site Profile”, has formulated interview questions and has even engaged in a “mock interview” with a local pastor. (Our thanks to Rev. Michael Howard of Brookside Community Church for his assistance as the “mock interviewee”!) Once more, the steps in the candidate approval process now are:

The New Jersey Synod nominates a candidate. The Candidate is interviewed and researched by the Call Committee.

If the Call Committee approves the Candidate, the candidate is interviewed by the Church Council.

If the Church Council approves the candidate, the candidate conducts a worship service for the congregation and answers questions from the congregation.

If the congregation approves the candidate, the congregation issues a call, giving the candidate appropriate time to disengage from his or her current ministry.

If at any step the candidate is not approved, we go back to the Synod and request a new candidate. The process listed above begins anew.

While we cannot divulge information about the candidate or candidates before they are presented to the congregation, we will strive to keep you informed of where we are in the process.

Thoughts on the Call Process
Council President, Fred Humcke,

What a time this is in the Zion story! God’s faithful provision since 1760 has been evident again and again. We have submitted Zion’s site profile to the Synod and now await the Synod’s selection of a candidate for the Call Team to interview. Please continue to pray for the Call Team. We could not be more thankful for this team that the Lord has assembled. Still, we feel an acute awareness of our dependence on the Lord for wisdom and provision.

“Unless the Lord builds the house those who build it labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the watchman stays awake in vain. It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest, eating the bread of anxious toil; for he gives to his beloved sleep.” (Ps 127:1).

Without God’s involvement, our efforts will be a waste of time. Godly people need to continually reflect on this lest we depend on our own strength and talents. The fact is that there is no way to do God’s work without his power. So, we thank God for this house he built, and look to him for the future. It’s God’s vision. It will succeed in his time through his provision. Thank you for standing with us and continuing to pray for Zion!
Please use this prayer verse from Acts 13:38-39 to pray for the call team and their mission this month:

For everything that is bound to time and sense must fall away, and we must learn to do without them, if we are to come to God. For this reason the mass and this sacrament are a sign by which we train and accustom ourselves to let go of all visible love, help, and comfort, and to trust in the invisible love, help, and support of Christ and his saints. For death takes away all the things that are seen and separates us from men and transient things. To meet it, we must, therefore, have the help of the things that are unseen and eternal. And these are indicated to us in the sacrament and sign, to which we cling by faith until we finally attain to them also with sight and senses.

Call Committee

The Call Team has been working every Monday night for the past month and a half to complete

Zion’s Site Profile. This required hard work, emotional conversation, and soul searching to find the right words to present our church and ministry. They met and completed the document on Memorial Day evening. The next evening, Tuesday May 29th the church council met to review the Site Profile. A vote was taken and the council agreed unanimously to accept and support the Site Profile. We thank the Call Team for all the work and time they have given to create this document.


The Site Profile will now be sent to the Synod. The date of June 12th has already been reserved for a joint meeting of the Call Team, the church council, and Synod representatives to review the Site  Profile. and begin the Synod portion of the call process. As of that date we expect to officially move from interim status to call status. The Synod will then seek and present us with a pastoral candidate for the Call Team to interview. We will keep the congregation informed as the call process moves forward.


Please keep in mind that currently in the NJ Synod there are nine churches in the call process, and another ten churches “on deck” in the interim





The Transition Team has been slowed a bit by all the bad weather that we have had over the past month, and met on Monday, March 26th to discuss ways in which they could assist and encourage the work of the Call Committee.  After doing some work on documents and statistics that the Call Committee will need and gathering information toward cleaning up our membership roll, the team will stand ready to assist the Call Committee as needed.  The Transition Team will also be asking the congregation to do some “narrowing down” of most desired pastoral qualities on Easter Sunday. As always, if you have questions or concerns about the transition process, don’t hesitate to contact any member of your Transition Team: Dottie Weis, Megan Davis, Harry Bullock, Bill Howell, Diane Rochotte, Maddie Bataille and Pastor Dan Schroeder.

The Call Committee has continued to meet and to work on the preparation of the Site Profile. The Site Profile is the document that will describe Zion Church and its pastoral needs to the New Jersey Synod and to any who might be interested in being a candidate for the pastoral position here. Since this document will be the “face of Zion”, it is very important that we take the time to make it as accurate as possible and as inviting as possible. When we have completed the Site Profile, there will be a meeting of the Church Council and Call Committee with a New Jersey Synod representative to launch the search process.

The members of your Call Committee are: Larry Salvatore, Christine Stabile, Emily Rochotte, Isabella Brobst, John Zeier, Linda Tucker, Marcia Horner, and Tom Scudese.

The Transition Team will meet next at the direction of the Call Committee. The Call Committee will meet next on April 9th at 7:00 pm in the Adult Forum Room. 



Transition Team Discussion February 18th

Sunday School Parents are invited to join the transition team for fellowship and a brief discussion about the transition process as Zion moves forward in choosing a new pastor.  Join them anytime between 9:15 am and 10:30 amSunday, February 18th in Faith Hall for coffee and conversation.