Pastor’s Corner

Financial Reviews and Annual Congregational Meeting

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The Annual Congregational Meeting is scheduled on Sunday, January 28th. The Annual Report to the congregation was released Friday through email and is available in hard copy in the Narthex. The Council will conduct two financial review sessions on Sunday, January 21st after the 8:00 am and 9:15 am services. This will help us confine the annual meeting to a reasonable time frame. (The event originally scheduled today during coffee hour after the 9:15 am service has been rescheduled to January 21st). Please plan to attend one of these sessions if you have questions about the finances. There will be a light lunch after the 9:15 am service on January 28th before the Annual Meeting. Please be sure to attend – input from all our Zion Members is valued and important. We do need a Quorum of members to conduct Zion business. If you have any questions please see council President Fred Humcke.


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