THANK YOUS:  thank you to everyone who helped in 2016 – we accomplished so many wonderful projects!

You can find me most Wednesdays 4pm ~ 6PM and Saturdays 9AM ~ 12PM working at the church, I can always use an extra set of hands and/or eyes… stop on by!


Make additional bulletin boards (for Pastor Dan, the Reformation, Faith Hall) (This project is being funded by a Thrivent Grant)

Fix the light fixture in the Furnace Room of the church building

Create a Master Key Plan and Battery Plan

Adjust the Mics on the Lectern and Pulpit

Remove paint splatters on the bathroom floors in the church building

Paint/Spruce up Fields Hall – the goal is a warm and welcoming feel for all – this remains a work in progress (funded by a Thrivent Grant)

Clean and Paint the White Display Cabinet in the Narthex (using leftover supplies from Narthex project)

Finalize a system for housing our Name Tags (Thrivent Grant Project)

Paint the lower ceiling in the Narthex (using leftover supplies from Narthex project)

Paint the breezeway (using leftover supplies from Narthex project)

Assess the pencil holders in our pews (at this point small bits of pencils and other such tiny things have “fallen” in and need to be cleaned out – wondering if there is a better system/product to use?) (Thrivent Grant Project)

Clean carpets in the office area

Clean carpets in Faith Hall classrooms/meeting rooms and upstairs hallway

Replace old exit signs in the church building (Thrivent Grant Project)

Replace the plastic in the large light fixture in the girl’s bathroom in the church building – it’s cracked from age

Spring 2017:

Paint the exposed roof on the Carriage House

Parking lot line striping

Assess new walkway from driveway to church offices

Tidy/Organize the white storage shed, the green shed (aka the carriage house) and the attic (Thrivent Grant Projects)

Items Done Monthly:

Change Light Bulbs

Remove wax from sanctuary carpet

Items Done Quarterly:

Training for facility user groups

Adjust light timers

Items Done Annually:

Winter (Faith Hall carpet cleaning; Lights on (and off) outside Christmas Tree)

Spring (Install Speed Bumps; Exterior Hose Bibs On; Weeding/Yard Clean Up)

Summer (Yard Work)

Fall (Remove Speed Bumps; Exterior Hose Bibs Off; Leaf/Yard Clean Up)

Misc. (Contract Renewals; Inspections)


Complete Front Entrance Refurbishing (This is a Thrivent Grant Project being worked on by Laura Hamilton, Pam Moore and Malainie Stoma)

Repair and refinish stairs and upstairs floors in the Parish Center Office area (This is a Thrivent Grant Project being worked on by Brad and Malainie Stoma)


Install locks on the bathroom and guestroom doors in the Parish Center

Spruce up the Youth Room (Thrivent Grant Project)

Spruce up the guestroom (Thrivent Grant Project)

Shelving in Property Office (Thrivent Grant Project)

2017 Budget Items / Future Wish List Items:

Humidifier for the Parish Center basement (Thrivent Grant Project)

New door mats (Thrivent Grant Project)

Masonry work on Griffith house chimney

Electric to carriage house (Thrivent Grant Project)

Lights on new exterior signs (Thrivent Grant Project)

Plant/Mulch around new sign posts (Thrivent Grant Project)

Stone at base of all downspouts (Thrivent Grant Project)

New microphones/sound system assessment (Thrivent Grant Project)

New Faucets in the Faith Hall kitchen (Thrivent Grant Project)

Front Door Lamppost – replace with clear glass and white light bulb for better lighting (Thrivent Grant Project)

Faith Hall patio door issues

Wheel chair accessible ramp into Fields Hall entrance

Automatic Safety Magnetic Closers on Faith Hall interior doors

Nursery School window repairs/replacement

Joseph Pinelli’s Eagle Scout Project ~ Refurbish Front Porch

Work is primarily complete – just the punch list to finalize in the Spring.  A very big thank you to Joe and his crew!


Throughout the months of December and January, the members of the Zion Preservation Committee met for presentations relative to Zion’s Preservation Plan grant application. They also participated in the Morris County Historic Preservation Trust Fund 2017 Grant Application Workshop  held on February 1st in Morris Township. After careful thought and debate, the firm of John E. Bolt, Architect, of Washington, New Jersey has been chosen to develop the Preservation Plan for Zion should our grant application be approved.  This firm has been involved in work on several of the churches in our area, as well as the preservation work done on the Old Stone Union Church in Long Valley.

The historical grant process is a long one, but an approved application will allow Zion to obtain a preservation plan that will provide Zion with a “road map” of work that needs to be done on the church building and associated structures now, and into the future. An approved application will enable Zion to receive funding for 80% of the plan itself, as well as 80% of the cost to complete the identified projects as we go through the phases of the plan. The committee has begun discussing fundraising ideas to raise Zion’s 20% portion of the preservation plan, should our application be approved.  If you have any creative ideas or would like to help, we welcome anyone to the committee who would like to take part in this process. Our first fundraising event will be a benefit concert by the Baroque Orchestra. This will also be sponsored by Thrivent Action Team seed money.   Please contact Renee Feldman at [email protected] for additional information on the Preservation Committee’s efforts.

Our meeting schedule is as follows:

Wednesday 2/1 7PM Grant Workshop given by the Historic Preservation Trust Fund in Morristown



Anyone interesting in participating can contact Renee or join us at our next meeting.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me (908-310-9154).

As you can see, there is always plenty of work to keep us busy!

We are grateful for any time you may have to give!  Renee (908-310-9154)