Pastor’s Corner

Birthdays in June

1 Gregory Callow
William McCartney

3 Steven Frommeyer

4 Samuel Ochs

5 Courtney Shurts

6 Sklyer Ruf

9 Sheryl Andrus
Marcia Horner
Meaghan Jones
Shannon Jones

12 Ronald Schulz

13 Ashley Carkhuff

14 Jessica Hurley

16 Michael Wallace

19 Willamina Groething
Jane Moore

20 Gavin Burke

21 Matthew Miller
Kiera Mitchell

25 Paul Bender

26 Olivia Rasmussen

27 Abigail Kay

29 Catherine Stabile

30 Jance Denzler
John Humcke

I would like to thank the “Red Hat Ladies”, the “Stitch and Chat Group”, and all the people of Zion who sent cards and who wished me a Happy Birthday. Everyone made my 90th birthday so very special.  I love you all, and I thank you again.

Cathy DiLello


Help Wanted!

A while back, volunteers from our congregation refinished the floors on the second floor of the Parish Center. To accomplish this project all of the furniture and file cabinets were squeezed into one room.  Before we can move the furniture and cabinets back to the two ‘vacant’ rooms we need to finish painting these two rooms.  We are looking for some volunteers give us a few hours of their time to complete the painting. This can be done at your convenience. Just give Bill Howell a call and let him know when you can help out and he will make sure materials (paint,  brushes, rollers) are available. The committee can also use help on a variety of indoor and outdoor projects. If you can spare a few hours of time to help the Property Committee identify savings and keep Zion in tip-top shape, please contact Bill Howell at [email protected], (678)232-2730 or (908) 876-0078.

Direct Install

Zion’s church council has voted to approve Zion’s application to participate in an energy saving program sponsored by the State of New Jersey called “Direct Install”. The plan has been approved by the state agency in charge of administering these grants and will be instituted soon. The plan entails replacing bulbs and fixtures in the church, Fields Hall and the preschool area. The plan does require a cost share on Zion’s part, but should result in substantial savings on our utility bills. Give Bill Howell a call for more information at (908)876-0078 or (678)232-2730.

Property Changes

In 1972 (46 years ago) our church entered into an agreement with Washington Township regarding the use of the grassy field behind the church for recreational purposes. In return, the Township has mowed the lawn during the summer and has also plowed the parking lot during the winter months. A few months ago, Zion was notified by the Township that they no longer required the use of our property. The Township agreed to continue to plow our parking lot during the 2017-2018  winter months. The task of mowing the lawn and plowing the parking lot is now the responsibility of the church.  Arrangements have been made to have the mowing and plowing done by outside vendors. Over the past few weeks the, Township has removed the backstop and the fencing in the infield area. The infield will also be re-seeded. The two sections of fencing in the outfield will remain intact.

gardeners in residence

The grounds are spectacular this year, so if you see our “gardeners in residence”, Helga and Reinhard Schwartz, be sure to thank them for all the hard work that goes into keeping Zion looking so lovely!

Long Valley Community Assistance Program

Zion is collecting school supplies for  the children of families in need in our community. Our neighbors who use the Long Valley Community Assistance Program food pantry often do not have any money to buy school supplies for their children as the summer ends, so Zion would like to offer some school supplies at the August “shopping days” of LVCAP. Please pick up some school supplies (binders, notebooks, crayons, pencils, etc. as you see them on sale this summer and bring them in to the collection bins in the Narthex any Sunday in June or July. We will distribute them at the food pantry in August to help make the start of the school year smoother for children in need in our community. Thank you! Look for a list of requested items in upcoming Happenings, etc.


It’s never too late to share some great pictures of Zion’s folks and events. Here’s one of our own Judy Samuelson ,(center right), and members of the Long Valley Women’s Club from earlier in the year.

Gospel Music Workshop

It’s not too late to join the fun at the Gospel Music Workshop on June 7th and 14th at 7pm in Fields Hall. NO experience in reading music orchoral singing is required! Come and learn some traditional and modern songs in the gospel music tradition and spend some time in fellowship. If you have any questions, please contact Sarah Ochocki at [email protected]