Pastor’s Corner

Sunday School is out for the summer!

Categories: Parish Life,Youth

We do want to thank Megan Davis for organizing the year-end Sunday School “Olympic Games” celebration, and Renee Feldman and Marie Strebel for all of their hard work throughout the year on behalf of Zion’s Sunday School ministry.  We also can’t forget all of those who have taught or helped out every Sunday this year including: Marge Scudese, Melissa Brobst, Pam Moore, Laura Hamilton, Brenda Carkhuff, Cheryl Fritsch, Reg Tauscher, Rick Keller, Judy Bumpus, and Fred Humcke. Thank you for your time, love and dedication to the children of Zion!

Beginning in April, the Sunday School children of Zion engaged in a four week learning series for our Faith in Action: God’s Work Continues….” campaign. The children collected a total of $30 in change for the last four weeks of Sunday School!  On Commitment Sunday (6/11, 9:00 AM) the Sunday School children will lead the Commitment Procession to make their collective “noisy” offering! Please make sure to thank the children for the contribution they have made to the future at Zion!


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