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Pastors thoughts March 2018

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Friends in Christ,   We are now well into the Lenten Season and moving steadily toward the passion and glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.  As I have noted often already this Lenten season, Lent should be a time of discipline in preparation for the Three Days and Easter. This discipline can take many forms and could and should include elements of prayer, scriptural study, fellowship and charity. The purpose of such discipline is not to be able to boast of your accomplishments.  (I didn’t touch a crumb of chocolate through the entire season of Lent! Trust me, I can’t make that boast!)  The purpose is to deepen your faith and to make the celebration of Hoy Week and Easter more profound.

Our Sunday School children have taken on a discipline this season and we invite you to join them in this discipline. The children are collecting funds to purchase an animal through Heifer Project International. The type of animal that they will purchase through their donations is dependent on how much they can collect. The children took some time to determine how they might earn money to donate toward their Lenten project and some of them got very creative. How creative can you get?

One of the greatest parts of the discipline of Lent is to be able to think outside yourself; to become less self-centric. We strive to do this because it is our way of mirroring the attitude of Christ, who according to the Apostle Paul, “emptied himself” (Philippians 2:7) in obedience to God and in service to humankind. Thinking outside yourself promotes compassion toward others as Christ was compassionate. Thinking outside yourself promotes obedience to the will of God as Christ was obedient, even to death upon a cross. Thinking outside yourself allows you to be honest about all that is inside you and to work for change.

We hope that our times of worship, fellowship and study here at Zion will be a benefit to you as you travel the pathway of lent and as you employ your own personal Lenten discipline. Please remember that we will begin a new worship schedule this month, with our second service beginning at 10:30 am on Sundays.  We will also reinstitute our Adult Forum program at 9:20 am.  Wednesday evening study and service begins at 7:00 pm each week, preceded at 6:15 pm by a light soup supper.  As always, our Tuesday afternoon Bible Study group is open to everyone who wishes to join us.  Please note our schedule for Holy Week here in this Newsletter.

Grace and Peace,

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