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Friends in Christ,

“Time it was, and what a time it was, it was . . . . “ For some reason those opening lyrics to the old Simon and Garfunkel piece “Bookends” came to me as I was thinking of the current moment and of the past few weeks. It is supposed to be summer, here at Zion Church we went into “summer” mode way back on Memorial Day weekend. Yet it’s hard for me to think summer mode when my wife still has a few days of teaching to do (as I write this) in the public schools. Vacation Bible School, the epitome of summer at the church is yet to come, but coming up fast. And in a blink of the eye we will be moving back into program year patterns and the fall. Time moves, and we must move with it.

Our time of transition is moving as well. And yet, as you well know, this time of transition is not something that we can mark out in exact increments with a specific date of closure. Our Call Committee has prepared for, and has even rehearsed for that point at which they will be interviewing a candidate or candidates for the pastoral position here at Zion. Yet we do not know how quickly a candidate will be presented to us. And if that candidate is not a good match, we do not know when successive candidates will be presented. Such timing is determined by a myriad of factors. It is my sincere hope that when a candidate is nominated, we take our time in researching and interviewing so that the choices that Zion makes are spirit led and well-discerned.

And through all this time the daily work of Zion Church continues on. Worship and ministry, stewardship and study, fellowship and celebration in the church does not and should not know times of inactivity. This congregation and the greater church need your constant presence, your constant engagement, your constant voice, your constant prayer and support. Even now, even in the lazy days of summer, we need your daily prayers for our Call Committee, for our youth, for our ministries. We need your presence in worship, your support and volunteer assistance with our Vacation Bible School, your time and talents with a host of summer repair and renewal projects, your financial dedication with our financial stability. “Time it was, it was a time it was, it was . . .” It’s always good to reminisce about the time that was. And yet the actions of this time, the present time, and the planning and preparation that we do for a time that is to come is critical. Let us look forward to the time that will be, knowing that God our Creator encompasses all time and even that which is beyond time. Let us trust in God’s grace, made known to us in Christ our Savior as we press ahead. Let us continually call upon the presence and power of God’s Holy Spirit as we strive to welcome God’s eternal kingdom into this time and into our midst.

Grace and peace, Pastor Dan

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