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Thank you to all who participated in the Lutheran World Relief Quilting Day on Saturday, August 25th. We completed nine quilts to send off to Lutheran World Relief. LWR distributes the quilts to those in need around the world- particularly refugees from war or natural disasters. We also have several quilt tops pieced and ready to pin and tie on our next quilting day – stay tuned for the date!
Our quilters on Saturday were Brian and Judy Bumpus, Marcia Davidson, Jance Denzler, Cathy DiLello, Laura Hamilton, Marilyn Hibler, Jeanne Howell, Elaine Moran, Vi Muriello, Ann Rahman, Dan and Jenny Schroeder, Helga Schwartz, Linda Tucker, and Dot Tureson. We had 5 sewing machines humming and 3 people cutting squares, a full time ironer and several dinners and tiers! We can always use more hands, so whether you sew or not, consider coming to the next quilting day and helping to warm those in need.
Special thanks to Jeanne Howell and Pam Moore for donating and cutting squares of material for quilt tops, to Jeanne Howell for piecing quilt tops before the day so we were ready to pin and tie at 9 am on Saturday and for helping with set-upon Friday, to Linda Tucker for bringing us all a lovely bagel breakfast, and to Jance Denzler, Ann Rahmann, Brian Bumpus and Jeanne Howell for packing up the
supplies and carrying them to the parish center attic where they await our next quilting day.

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