Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I am eagerly settling into the parsonage and office. My husband Tim and I have been very warmly received, beginning with a parsonage that was freshly painted, repaired in minor ways and cleaned from top to bottom – literally! We’re mostly unpacked and were happy to be able to host Thanksgiving dinner for our family who (for the most part) didn’t have to drive as far this year.

Getting to Know You
One of my main goals is to get to know the community and in particular, the people of Zion. In order to do this, I hope to visit with the majority of households of Zion my first year. Here’s my plan:

*To make it as convenient as possible, I suggest these “get-to-know-you visits” run about 30 – 45 minutes.
*We could meet at your house, in the church office, or at a place such as the Coffee Potter.
*Ideally, I’d make 1-3 visits per week – evenings, mornings or afternoons – whatever works for each household.
*I’d like to begin with Confirmation families, the newest members of the congregation, and anybody else who’d like to sign up!

I will be contacting Confirmation families & new members, and putting up a sign-up sheet in Fields Hall.

Office Hours & Cell Phone
Also, for the time being, and until I better know the patterns and needs of the congregation, my office hours will be Monday 2pm – 5pm as Monday morning is the pastor’s Bible study in Sparta; Tuesday – Thursday, 9am – 12pm, and 2pm – 5pm. However, I will be using these hours and also evenings to make visits, not only to parishioners, but also to meet people in Long Valley, such as the Police & Fire Chiefs, Superintendents, local stores and other clergy. I would hate for somebody to want to talk but find me out of the office. So, if you want to make sure to see me, please call or email me to set up an office visit. My cell phone number is (215) 692-2091, please feel free to use it to call or text me (if texting – make sure to identify yourself the first time).

Hospital & Convalescing Visits
Please let me know if you’d like a hospital visit before surgery as a little prayer can provide comfort, or as you’re recuperating in the hospital or at home. I know that some people prefer to be left alone when they’re feeling poorly, but others really appreciate prayer or Communion. The timing of a surgery is typically scheduled the day prior, and I’m happy to come out pre-dawn – no problem! Simply let me know.
Pastor Ingrid Wengert

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