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Believe it or not, I’ve now been serving at Zion for six months! I am amazed at the amount and variety of ministry done by this small congregation. As I mentioned in a sermon, the caring has probably struck me the most. I’ve frequently witnessed a deep sense of compassion and concern for those who are going through difficult times, especially those who are ill or homebound. Even the youth group got in on the action by sending Easter cards and Valentines Day cookies to those who are homebound. My colleagues and I are astounded at the commitment of the Eucharistic Ministers to bring Communion each week to those who desire it (many congregations are pleased to send people monthly). I thank God for them each Sunday. I’ve also witnessed many mission projects carried out through the Sunday School, and the frequent ways, whether small or profound, that Zion reaches out to neighbors – by giving Christmas gifts, food, quilts and blankets to those in need. I’ve seen the commitment and constant heavy lifting by leaders on the building and campus grounds (I’m actually a bit concerned that a few do so much as I don’t quite know how they can physically keep it up! I don’t believe I could, and I’m a few years younger 😉 . In general, the leaders at Zion do a lot – more than I’ve experienced at other congregations. By leaders, I mean the elected leaders, staff and a few unofficial leaders who regularly fill in and do behind-thescenes work. There is a deep and abiding commitment to Zion and our ministries that should probably astound all of us and cause us to thank God for them! I’ve heard countless people in the community say glowing things about LVCNS, and I’ve enjoyed leading chapel, and getting to know the teachers, parents and children. At the closing program a few parents shared that they might come to church over the summer. In these six months, I’ve also witnessed angst about the finances and the future of the congregation, and minor frustrations here and there. I, too, find myself concerned and also curious about where the finances will end up in 2019/2020. It will be a telling year. But then I remind myself to put my concerns in God’s hands until we know. I invite you to do so, too – even if you have to do it over and over again, like me! Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, I am very glad that God has called me to serve as your pastor. I thank God for Zion and its history, for each of you, and for the ministry we share in Christ.

Pastor Ingrid Wengert

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