2017 Sept LVL word from pastor

2017 Sept LVL word from pastor

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Friends in Christ,

So, could someone please help me locate the “Summer of 2017”?  It was right there in front of me at the end of May and then it suddenly evaporated, or was misplaced, or was hidden from me, or something!  And now it’s time for the fall and everything it brings, and I’m just not ready.

Have you ever felt like that?  Does it seem to you that time is moving far too quickly?  And the worst of it is that there not a blessed thing that we can do about it, except maybe to just keep “peddling as fast as you can”!  Sadly, time is something that we can’t take in or dish out in whatever increments we choose.  We cannot slow down the wonderful times of our lives, nor can we hasten through the difficult times. And while time may seem to speed up or slow down, it is a constant of our lives and of our interactions with the world around us.

So the bottom line for me is that I need to write the “Summer of 2017” off as done and keep my eyes to the future here at Zion and in all the facets of my life. The immediate future for the congregation involves our return to our “Fall through Spring” schedule, and with a major change as we try out a new time for our second service.  Beginning on September 10th we will worship each Sunday at 8:00 am and 9:15 am with our Sunday School hour running at the same time as the second service.                 

So come and join us as we celebrate the beginning of a new program year!  Our 37th Annual Corn Roast will help us kick off Rally Day weekend on Saturday, September 9th.  Sunday school classes will begin on Rally Day, September 10th.  We will celebrate the sacrament of baptism that day at our 9:15 am service as well (and one on Sunday, September 3rd!).

We will also be finding ways to celebrate the 500th Anniversary of Martin Luther’s actions in Wittenburg, Germany, which unwittingly gave rise to the Protestant Reformation. One bit of celebration is coming on Friday, September 22nd at 7:00 pm when we will be offering a one-hour video on “Luther’s Germany” which talks about the roots of the reformation and shows the places where many of the early reformation events took place.  We hope that you are also marking Reformation Sunday, October 29th on your calendars now to help us celebrate the anniversary in fine style!

Finally, the interim pastor would be remiss is he didn’t mention our transition time together now, wouldn’t he?  Our Transition Team has met twice now and is busy preparing transition items and a “roadmap” that everyone can follow as we work toward that place and time when we can call a new pastor.  Watch for special transition articles in this and future newsletters and join with us as we begin in earnest the introspection and discernment needed to accomplish our next pastoral call.


Grace and Peace, 

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