Adult Forum Schedule for February and March

Adult Forum Schedule for February and March

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Adult Forum is a class for teens who have been confirmed and adults of all ages. Join Pastor Ingrid weekly at 9:20 AM in the Adult Forum Room. During the month of February and into March, the Rev. Dr. Tim Wengert will resume teaching a special series entitled “Getting God’s Best Out Of Worship”.

February 3– No Adult Forum; Financial Update at 9:15 am in Fields Hall;

February 10– No Adult Forum due to the Annual Congregation Meeting

February 1710:30am: Worship Tweaks: What and Why?!  Led by Pastor Ingrid .

There have been a few changes to 10:30am worship, and Pastor Ingrid soon plans to slightly change the formatting so that it is more in line with the Evangelical Lutheran Worship hymnal. Come hear the reasoning. Also, she would like to hear from you about the origins of Zion worship traditions and utensils.

February 249:00 – 10:00 am:  Getting God’s Best out of Worship:  Singing the Gospel Part I – led by Tim Wengert 

One of the greatest gifts Martin Luther gave to western Christianity was the recovery of congregational singing. Come to learn about the original context of our hymns and see how Lutherans (and others) have sung God’s grace through the centuries.

March 39:00 – 10:00 am: Getting God’s Best out of Worship:  Singing the Gospel

Part II—led by Tim Wengert


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