Amazon Smile

Your Amazon Purchases Can Help Donate Money to Zion!

Zion has recently joined Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a program that donates funds to charities. When one orders goods through Amazon Smile, Amazon gives a small fraction of the purchase price to the registered Amazon Smile charity of the customer’s choice. One-half of one percent (.5%) of the price of your selection is donated by Amazon. This DOES NOT increase the price of your purchase. Instead it is a way for Amazon to direct their charitable giving, which they fund through their proceeds, to organizations that are of interest to their customers.

Many churches have taken advantage of the Amazon Smile program. In fact, 658 churches identified as Zion Lutheran Church are registered with Amazon Smile. So while ordering one’s purchases through Amazon Smile is as easy as ordering through Amazon without using Smile, the very first step may seem a bit confusing but hang in there Search for Amazon Smile or click here:

Under the normal search bar there is a small link to make your choice using the phrase Supporting. Click and enter Zion Lutheran, Long Valley and you’ve selected our congregation. Once you’ve selected Zion Lutheran Long Valley, all future purchases made through Amazon Smile will have .5% of the purchase price donated to Zion Lutheran Church in Long Valley, NJ. You will not have to search through the charity list again, as long as Zion remains your selected charity. One may change one’s charity preference at any time on the Amazon Smile page. If you accidentally use the site, you will be asked if you wish to go through Amazon Smile to donate to your charity.

Thank you for supporting our congregation through your Amazon Purchases!

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