Call Committee Update

Call Committee Update

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by Fred Humcke, Council President
The church council would like to give our sincere thanks to the call committee for their time, work, and dedication to the call process. Their efforts will allow the congregation and ministry of Zion to move forward in the years to come.

To Recap:

*The call committee has been very busy meeting most Monday nights for the past several months. They have written Zion’s site profile and submitted it to the synod after approval from the church council. They  have worked on interviewing techniques which they tested and refined by practicing on a local pastor.


As you know there is currently a candidate under consideration.

*The call committee has interviewed the candidate.  The call committee, at the invitation of the candidate, has gone to the candidate’s church to hear them preach and interact with their congregation. Based on that evaluation the call committee formally recommended the candidate to the church council.

On Tuesday, August 21st, there was a joint meeting of the council, the call committee, and the candidate.

*The council reviewed the report and recommendation of the call committee. The council then interviewed the candidate as well as answering questions from the candidate. We also reviewed and came to an agreement on compensation. The candidate was then excused and there was a round of discussion between the council and call committee. A vote was then called. The council voted unanimously to approve the recommendation of the call committee and present the candidate to the congregation.

Next steps:

The candidate will come to Zion and lead a Sunday worship service. On October 7th at 10:30, and we hope all members of Zion will attend.

*Immediately following the service there will be a congregational meeting lead by the synod’s representative.  At that meeting the congregation will vote on whether to call the candidate to be Zion’s next pastor. There will be a meet and greet with the candidate on October 6th from 6:30 to 9:00 PM in Faith Hall. We are still keeping the name and location of the candidate confidential. The call is not guaranteed and it would not be helpful for the candidate’s congregation to find out they are considering other opportunities at this time.

The members of your Call Committee are:

Larry Salvatore, Christine Stabile, Emily Rochotte, Isabella Brobst, John Zeier, Linda Tucker, Marcia Horner, and  Tom Scudese


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