Deena Salvatore is now scheduling Coffee Hour Hosts. Please contact Deena if you can host, co-host or help by providing a dish or two so she can fill out the calendar for the year. If we lack hosts, the free will offering at the 10:30 AM Coffee Hour will enable us to purchase donuts. Contact Deena at [email protected]


The NJ Conservatory (njconservatory.com) celebrates spring by presenting Mozart and Vivaldi in concert with choruses and orchestra Sunday, May 5, 2019, 4:00 PM at Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church, 246 Woodport Rd., Sparta, NJ. The program will include Mozart’s ‘Requiem’ and ‘Ave Verum’ and Vivaldi’s ‘Concert for Two Trumpets’ and ‘Magnificat’. Ford R. Foster, conductor/director and Holly Horn, concertmaster. Tickets: Premium $40, Preferred $35, General $30 – all with 30% student discount. For information and ticket sales, please call the Conservatory at (973) 402-2004.

Coffee Hour Volunteers Needed!

Deena Salvatore is now scheduling Coffee Hour Hosts. We do not have a host for this weekend. Please contact Deena if you can host, co-host or help by providing a dish or two so she can fill out the calendar for the year. If we lack hosts, the free will offering at the 10:30 AM Coffee Hour will enable us to purchase donuts. Contact Deena at [email protected].


Eucharistic Ministers

We are in great need of a few more Eucharistic Ministers to bring Communion, on Sunday, to those who cannot get to church. Zion has a faithful, vital ministry of visiting those who are hospitalized or homebound. Some Eucharistic Ministers visit on a weekly basis, and others do so on a monthly basis. They are paired up with experienced Eucharistic Ministers until they’re ready to go out on their own or with a partner.

Judy Bumpus and Linda Tucker coordinate Eucharistic Ministers—please contact them if you are interested in helping.

Amazon Smile

Your Amazon Purchases Can Help Donate Money to Zion!

Zion has recently joined Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a program that donates funds to charities. When one orders goods through Amazon Smile, Amazon gives a small fraction of the purchase price to the registered Amazon Smile charity of the customer’s choice. One-half of one percent (.5%) of the price of your selection is donated by Amazon. This DOES NOT increase the price of your purchase. Instead it is a way for Amazon to direct their charitable giving, which they fund through their proceeds, to organizations that are of interest to their customers.

Many churches have taken advantage of the Amazon Smile program. In fact, 658 churches identified as Zion Lutheran Church are registered with Amazon Smile. So while ordering one’s purchases through Amazon Smile is as easy as ordering through Amazon without using Smile, the very first step may seem a bit confusing but hang in there Search for Amazon Smile or click here:


Under the normal search bar there is a small link to make your choice using the phrase Supporting. Click and enter Zion Lutheran, Long Valley and you’ve selected our congregation. Once you’ve selected Zion Lutheran Long Valley, all future purchases made through Amazon Smile will have .5% of the purchase price donated to Zion Lutheran Church in Long Valley, NJ. You will not have to search through the charity list again, as long as Zion remains your selected charity. One may change one’s charity preference at any time on the Amazon Smile page. If you accidentally use the Amazon.com site, you will be asked if you wish to go through Amazon Smile to donate to your charity.

Thank you for supporting our congregation through your Amazon Purchases!


Please check your accounts to determine if you have Thrivent Choice Dollars remaining from 2018!  The last day to donate those dollars is March 31!  Zion is a designated recipient for the dollars, and Choice Dollars are used to help finance the Youth Gathering. Go to thrivent.com/thriventchoice or call (800) 847-4836 to find out if you have 2018 Choice Dollars to designate. Don’t miss this opportunity to help fund our youth program!


It’s that time of year already! Please use the form in the Narthex to order Easter flowers from Donaldson Farm in Hackettstown. All orders are due by April 7th. Flowers will adorn the altar for Easter week and then may be taken home or donated to the homebound.


Zion uses Sanico to pick-up our garbage and recycling. Please observe a few simple rules that will avoid contaminating our recycling and extra fees. Plastic bags and wrapping, light bulbs and Styrofoam cups cannot be recycled. Our commercial contract also does not provide for pick-ups of large items (such as furniture). When you are holding meetings or using the building for any reason, please make every effort to separate your recyclables from your trash and put them into the appropriately marked containers and dumpsters. Our recycling is picked up every other Wednesday (next is April 3rd), and the garbage is picked up every week on Thursdays. We ask you to adhere to the guidelines laid out in the attachment.

Download (PDF)

WORSHIP INSIGHT: Making the Sign of the Cross

An ancient Christian practice is to make the sign of the cross on one’s forehead, or head & torso while saying “in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.” Many Christians have returned to this ancient practice in the 20th century. The sign echoes the cross placed there in Baptism and reminds us that we are beloved, forgiven children, baptized into the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Some make this connection more directly by using water from the baptismal font to make the sign of the cross. You are welcome to do this before or after worship, or on your way to or from the Communion rail.