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Amazon Smile

Your Amazon Purchases Can Help Donate Money to Zion!

Zion has recently joined Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a program that donates funds to charities. When one orders goods through Amazon Smile, Amazon gives a small fraction of the purchase price to the registered Amazon Smile charity of the customer’s choice. One-half of one percent (.5%) of the price of your selection is donated by Amazon. This DOES NOT increase the price of your purchase. Instead it is a way for Amazon to direct their charitable giving, which they fund through their proceeds, to organizations that are of interest to their customers.

Many churches have taken advantage of the Amazon Smile program. In fact, 658 churches identified as Zion Lutheran Church are registered with Amazon Smile. So while ordering one’s purchases through Amazon Smile is as easy as ordering through Amazon without using Smile, the very first step may seem a bit confusing but hang in there Search for Amazon Smile or click here:

Under the normal search bar there is a small link to make your choice using the phrase Supporting. Click and enter Zion Lutheran, Long Valley and you’ve selected our congregation. Once you’ve selected Zion Lutheran Long Valley, all future purchases made through Amazon Smile will have .5% of the purchase price donated to Zion Lutheran Church in Long Valley, NJ. You will not have to search through the charity list again, as long as Zion remains your selected charity. One may change one’s charity preference at any time on the Amazon Smile page. If you accidentally use the site, you will be asked if you wish to go through Amazon Smile to donate to your charity.

Thank you for supporting our congregation through your Amazon Purchases!

Benjamin Johnston celebrated his First Communion with his family on Transfiguration Sunday, March 3rd. Also celebrating March 3rd was Sienna Miller, and Megan Weth on March 10th.

Ringing the steeple bell during the Lord’s Prayer is a tradition for children at Zion. Reinhard Schwartz assists Aidan Davis and Benjamin Johnston as they rang the bell one Sunday morning for all of Long Valley to hear!


Sunday School Time Change

Please note that beginning April 7th, Sunday school will be meeting at 9:00 AM instead of 9:15 AM to enable all teachers and families to make it to the 10:30 AM church service.

Youth Ministry Zone March 2019

Joseph Snyder, Sophia Stoma, Jacqui Fritsch, Sarah and Allie Rooney, and Emalyn Stoma create beautiful Easter panels for our special quilt!

Tora Olsen creates her pretzel during the Annual Pretzel Breakfast. The humble pretzel has become a symbol of fasting before Easter, originally made from unleavened bread and twisted to resemble praying arms.

Amelia Davis shows off her jar of Spiritual Vitamins, containing Lenten verses. Children will read one a day during the Lenten Season to hear the good news of Jesus!

Michael and Edward Strebel create more beautiful Easter panels for our LWR quilt during the Sunday School Pretzel breakfast on March 10th.


Pastor Ingrid will lead the Adult Forum this Sunday from 9:15 AM in Fields Hall. The discussion will center around a proposed Eagle Scout Project: Making Repairs on the Site of the Old Stone Church Ruins. In order to earn the rank of Eagle Scout, Boy Scout Jacob Dorè has developed his Eagle Scout project to benefit Long Valley, by making repairs to the fencing and a bench at the Old Stone Church ruins. The forum will be led by Jacob Dorè in Fields Hall.

Sunday school will begin meeting for Opening in the Narthex at 9:00 AM today through the remainder of the school year to allow teachers and families to attend the 10:30 AM service.



Sunday school will meet at 9:15 am today in the Sanctuary. Students worked on making jars of “Spiritual Vitamins” as a Lenten project last Sunday. If your child did not get to make one last Sunday, they can stop by the Splash Room after Sunday school and make one or take home the supplies. We will be providing seasonal verses throughout the year to “refill” their jars, so we would like every Sunday school child to have one!