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The Sunday School children packed 19 care packages during Sunday School in the Splash Room on Sunday, February 10th as part of our ongoing “Mission Project Ministry” Thanks to the generosity of the congregation, the care packages were chock full of great snacks and goodies for our college students, along with sweet notes from the Sunday school kids. We hope that our college students know they are missed!

If you have any ideas for Mission Projects our Sunday schoolers could undertake, please contact Laura Hamilton in the office.


Cheryl Fritsch and Marge Scudese help the kids shop for goodies and create cards to fill the care package boxes!


Dear Zion Family,
Thank you for the
wonderful box of snacks! Getting a package during a busy week really makes your day better. It’s always nice to know that your church back home is thinking of you. Special thank you to Layla and Amelia for the cards!
Thanks again!
Victoria Stabile

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