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College Connection Care Package

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Here are a few great letters of appreciation from our students for their College Connection Care Packages.  Parents and students—please be sure to provide the office with Fall college addresses as soon as possible so that we can continue this wonderful



“Thank you for the wonderful college care package. I

enjoyed all of the snacks! I hope everyone is well.

Thanks again! Kelly Reibel


Dear Zion Lutheran Church,

Thank you for all of the delicious snacks and the cross from the very generous care package.  I really appreciate it.

Thanks again.  From, Paul Reibel


Members of Zion,

I was quite excited when I picked up my care package from you right before Easter. It is always nice to know that the members of Zion are thinking of all of us at college and putting in the effort to make us feel more connected to home.  Thank you again! Brett Prussack


Dear Zion,

I wanted to send you a thank you email for all the amazing snack packages you’ve sent the past few years.  I absolutely love them and I cannot thank you enough! To whoever has prepared these please send my thank you. It means a lot!

Thank you so much, Connor Duhe


Dear Zion,

Thank you so much for the Easter care package! I had to stay at school for Easter so it was really nice to have it, and all my roommates loved it too!

Claire Hamilton



Thank you very much for the box full of snacks and the wooden cross. I’m very grateful for this. Thank you for thinking of me and including me.

Thanks, Gavin Burke, Stevens Institute of Technology


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