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College Connection Update

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We sent 23 care packages to our out-of-town students. Looks like they were a big hit!

“Hello, Thank-you very much for the surprise box full of snacks. I’m very grateful for this. Thank-you for thinking of me and including me. Thanks, Gavin Burke

“Dear Zion Family, Thank you for the wonderful box of snacks!! It’s fun to receive packages and know that people back home are thinking of me!” Thanks again! Victoria Stabile

“Dear Zion Members, Thank you so much for my Valentine’s Day care package! It was a lovely and truly appreciated surprise! My roommates and I have been enjoying all of the goodies over the past couple of days. Thank you so much for thinking about me while away at school.” Best, Ashley Sauer

“Dear Zion, Thank you so much for the Valentine’s Day care package! It was so unexpected and very, very delicious!! My roommates loved eating all the snacks and I appreciate it so much that you guys think of me! Hope everything is going well!! Love, Claire Hamilton


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