Pastor’s Corner

Fall Fest and Zion Rocks

Categories: Church,Youth

The LVCNS Fall Fest this past Tuesday was a great success! The weather was beautiful and the crowd was big!  Thanks to all the Zion folks who helped make the day special for the kids. The kids enjoyed painting rocks for our Kindness Rocks project “Zion Rocks”.  Some of the beautiful rocks painted for VBS 2.0 will live in the LVCNS garden—check them out!  Those that the kids painted during Fall Fest will be scattered throughout the town. If you are about town and turn a painted rock over and see #zionrocks, be sure to take a picture to post to our Facebook page,  “#zionrocks”!  Be sure you tell all of your friends to be on the lookout for Zion’s Rocks and let’s see how far Zion kindness spreads! Look for more information at the

ZionRocks Facebook page and in the upcoming November LVL newsletter.


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