From your Interim . . .

From your Interim . . .

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I intend to take a bit of a breather through the month of December, and am actively working at this point toward securing a new community in which I might ply my trade.  Jenny and I are looking at short term opportunities for me locally, and are also investigating longer term calls within a much larger radius.  We have long ago learned to trust God’s Holy Spirit to guide us to new and exciting vistas.

A note about the final transition to your new pastor:  While I will make myself available to Pastor Ingrid to help her get settled in, beginning on November 25thshe will be your one and only pastor.  I will make myself as scarce as possible and will not respond to any pastoral requests beyond that date.  It is very important that interim pastors, just like departing settled pastors, put distance between themselves and the congregation that they have served so as not to color in any way the relationship that the congregation will develop with the new pastor. I wish the best for all of you and will keep you in my daily prayers, asking that Zion continue to be an anchor of faith for its members, for the surrounding community of Long Valley, and for the world.          

Grace and peace,

Pastor Dan

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