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Ten quilts were pieced together, layered with warm batting, pinned, tied and bound along the edges on Saturday, February 9, 2019. Nine of these quilts were sent off to Lutheran World Relief (LWR). LWR sends our quilts (and the quilts from many other congregations!) to those in need – around the world or here at home. Quilts may be given out in refugee camps to people who have had to flee from their homes because of natural disasters or war or famine. A warm quilt can be protection from the cold night, or a privacy screen in a crowded refugee tent, a ground cover to give protection from the bare damp earth, or a swaddle for a baby or toddler. Some quilts are sent to those who struggle with disability or illness or chronic poverty. A quilt is a warm, colorful, tangible sign of God’s love. If you would like to see where our quilts end up, LWR does provide tracking. Go to the Lutheran World Relief website and enter our donor number (108668) and the bar code numbers of our two boxes of quilts (10866871060600 and 10866871060300). We can follow our quilts around the world!

One of our quilts was given to our own Ken Winterfeldt (left), a resident of Warren Haven Care Center. Ken had a beautiful smile when he received the quilt for this Valentine’s Day with a message of love and care from his church family.

Cutting the blocks for the quilts, finding fabrics for the backings, sewing the pieces together, pinning, tie-ing, and binding the ten quilts took many, many hands! Thanks to all who participated: Brian and Judy Bumpus, Marcia Davidson, Jance Denzler, Cathy DiLello, Mary Fiorello, Laura Hamilton, Marilyn Hibler, Jeanne Howell, Marcia

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