March Property Update

March Property Update

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Burt Horner

We have been working diligently to improve many areas of the church and its surrounding areas. A lot of work was done in the past to welcome in new technology like lighting and other energy efficient ideas. Now there is other work to be done and it will continue until we can say that we are seaworthy enough to venture out into deeper waters.  There are lots of details to this effort like Pastor’s basement has been insulated, and the Parish building environment has been improved to provide a safer and healthier environment for all.  We’ve completed a State audit for the LVCNS and had no building deficiencies. The list of things we have done in the last month or two is impressive.  The March list is available if you choose to want to see it, so please ask.  It is part of the Council minutes.

However, there are more “projects” to do, and Council budgeted for them as best as was possible, considering what we knew. There are upcoming projects that were not budgeted for and we are going to go and fix parts of the building that have just plain worn out. This goes above and beyond what was expected.  Yes, this isn’t the kind of news you may want to hear; however, it is good news in the long term because we have identified areas that we need to do preventive maintenance on. In the long run, it will cost us less to administer than if we let it fail. Catastrophic failure and emergency repairs are the worst kind of maintenance imaginable, and that is what we are diligently attempting to avoid.

So, where does this leave us?  It means that I want to communicate that we have to do repairs that are necessary and may be a requirement to keep us going.  This means that I will, or may, have to stand up in church and tell you what is needed to keep us on an even keel and allow us to “sail” on in the right direction.  I may have to ask you for your financial support, if the funds are not already there through your generosity.  Yes, you can make a contribution ahead of time.  If you want to fund a specific project like what has been done several times this year already, I know that the entire Congregation would be most grateful. Please see me anytime that our schedules allow if you are willing, and I’ll be glad to meet with you and explain.

Please contact Burt Horner at [email protected] or (908)674-3422, or contact Laura in the office if you can help!

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