Ort Farms wrap-up

Ort Farms wrap-up

Categories: Social Ministry

Thanks to everyone for all their donations and help to make Ort Farms Weekend a success!  More info on how we did financially will be coming soon. We have left-over hamburgers, hot dogs and chili to sell! The hamburgers and hot dogs are from the Chester Meat Market.


Hamburgers – we have 8 packages/32 burgers per pack @ 36.00 OR a tray of 8 burgers for $9.00

Hot dogs – we have approximately 150 hot dogs – 10 hot dogs for $6.00

We also have chili!  Chili is $10 per bag. We also have a few t-shirts left over and will be selling all of this at a table during coffee hours. Looking forward to seeing everyone after church! Thanks again—Jance Denzler.


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