Pastor Ingrid is making some changes to the way we worship, but do you know why?

Pastor Ingrid is making some changes to the way we worship, but do you know why?

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Join us for a special Adult Forum Series “Getting God’s best Out of Worship” taught by the Rev. Dr. Tim Wengert

All Christians, no matter what church they belong to, gather for worship. But many Christians do not necessarily know why they worship in the way they do. Many things that we do in worship go back to the very first Christians—or even back to the Jewish worshiping communities of Jesus’ day. Other things have their roots in practices developed in the first five centuries of the Christian church. Others come from the Middle Ages, and still others from the time of Martin Luther and the Reformation. When some Christians insist on doing everything new and different, it turns out that—although they may not know it—even they are following traditions of one kind or another. These sessions will focus on the way Lutherans worship and how much we owe to our predecessors (especially Martin Luther), to Christians today, but especially to the Bible. The more we know about worship, the better it gets.
God is In the Details—Learn How!
January 6th: “The Center of Worship.” There are several things that Christian worship cannot do without. Find out what they are and why they are so important.

January 13th: “The Order of Worship.” All Christians worship in some order or another. Discover what structures Lutheran worship to be biblical and personal.

January 20th: “The Marks of Worship.”  Lutherans insist that the church is defined by Word and Sacrament, which in turn define our worship.  Come and see why God “gets physical” with us in worship.

January 27th: “Singing the Gospel.”  One of the greatest gifts Martin Luther gave to western Christianity was the recovery of congregational singing.  See how Lutherans (and others) have sung God’s grace through the centuries.

The Rev. Dr. Tim Wengert, our pastor’s husband, taught for 25 years at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia.  He has written many books and articles about the history of Lutheranism and Martin Luther. This includes editing and contributing to a book on Lutheran worship published by Fortress Press in Minneapolis. He also has twice addressed the most important gathering of Lutheran worship leaders, which meets annually at Valparaiso University in Indiana

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