Plastic-Less Lent

Plastic-Less Lent

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If you decided to join the fast from plastic this Lenten season, how is your journey going? You may be interested in this New York Times article:

Sue Koeppen also has a National Geographic special issue on the impact plastic is having on our environment ask her for a peek if you want some motivation! My own less plastic journey has made me more aware of how much plastic is integrated into everything we do. Here at Zion, we have made some strides – using cane sugar, paper or china bowls at our soup suppers and getting the old china coffee cups back in a cupboard where they are an easy alternative to the Styrofoam coffee cups at coffee hours. And Burt Horner is reminding us all to use our recycling cans more thoughtfully putting in those items that can and should be recycled, and taking care to leave out the items that our recycler will not accept. But even when trying to avoid plastic, up it pops! I wanted to serve bagels and cream cheese at the council retreat. The bagels came in a paper sack, but the tubs of cream cheese were plastic, of course. I am trying to remember the canvas bags (which I have in my car) for the groceries – sometimes I do and sometimes at check out I realize they are still in the back of the car! I have been asking for refills in my own travel mug instead of getting a disposable cup for a beverage when I am out and about (I only had one venue say they could not refill my cup – everyone else has been happy to do so). But however imperfect the attempt, trying to avoid some of the plastic we use each day does have an impact. Keep up your fast and let me know what challenges you have overcome.

Judy Bumpus

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