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Property Changes

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In 1972 (46 years ago) our church entered into an agreement with Washington Township regarding the use of the grassy field behind the church for recreational purposes. In return, the Township has mowed the lawn during the summer and has also plowed the parking lot during the winter months. A few months ago, Zion was notified by the Township that they no longer required the use of our property. The Township agreed to continue to plow our parking lot during the 2017-2018  winter months. The task of mowing the lawn and plowing the parking lot is now the responsibility of the church.  Arrangements have been made to have the mowing and plowing done by outside vendors. Over the past few weeks the, Township has removed the backstop and the fencing in the infield area. The infield will also be re-seeded. The two sections of fencing in the outfield will remain intact.

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