Amazon Smile

Your Amazon Purchases Can Help Donate Money to Zion! Zion has recently joined Amazon Smile. Amazon Smile is a program that donates funds to charities. When one orders goods through Amazon Smile, Amazon gives a small fraction of the purchase price to the registered Amazon Smile charity of the customer’s choice. One-half of one percent…

Benjamin Johnston celebrated his First Communion with his family on Transfiguration Sunday, March 3rd. Also celebrating March 3rd was Sienna Miller, and Megan Weth on March 10th.

Ringing the steeple bell during the Lord’s Prayer is a tradition for children at Zion. Reinhard Schwartz assists Aidan Davis and Benjamin Johnston as they rang the bell one Sunday morning for all of Long Valley to hear!  

Burning Last Years Palm

It is a tradition to burn last year’s Palm Sunday palms to use as ashes for the following Ash Wednesday service. Pastor Ingrid takes it to a new level by having a mini bonfire during the Shrove Tuesday Pancake Supper.

Plastic-Less Lent

If you decided to join the fast from plastic this Lenten season, how is your journey going? You may be interested in this New York Times article: Sue Koeppen also has a National Geographic special issue on the impact plastic is having on our environment ask her for a peek if you want some…

Youth Ministry Zone March 2019

Joseph Snyder, Sophia Stoma, Jacqui Fritsch, Sarah and Allie Rooney, and Emalyn Stoma create beautiful Easter panels for our special quilt! Tora Olsen creates her pretzel during the Annual Pretzel Breakfast. The humble pretzel has become a symbol of fasting before Easter, originally made from unleavened bread and twisted to resemble praying arms. Amelia Davis…

Shrove Tuesday Fun

On March 5th, between helpings of delicious pancakes, bacon and fruit prepared by the Youth Group, the Sunday school children created special panels with an Easter theme that will eventually be sewn into a quilt for Lutheran World Relief. Allie Rooney with Lyla Weth and Joseph Snyder

We Hope You’ve Noticed!

These beautiful banners were created with artwork by the LVCNS children and with help from Pastor Ingrid and Alexandra Seewald. They serve as a visual reminder of the connection we share to our important pre-school ministry, and remind the children that the Sanctuary is also their church home! The LVCNS is still enrolling kids 2…