Pastor’s Corner


Categories: Social Ministry

The Long Valley Community Assistance Program (LVCAP) is run cooperatively by the churches in Washington Township. Representatives from each congregation attend quarterly meetings to plan the operation of the food pantry and the disbursement of any emergency funds. The LVCAP meetings are held on Tuesday evenings. Our church council meetings are also on Tuesday and sometimes on the same evening as the LVCAP meetings. Therefore, it would be helpful to have a non-council person representative from Zion to attend the LVCAP meetings. The upcoming quarterly meeting of LVCAP is Tuesday, January 22, 2019 at Valley View Chapel. Planning to attend from Zion are Judy Bumpus (Zion council person overseeing social ministry) and Pastor Ingrid Wengert. If you are interested in helping Zion to participate actively in this important community outreach, please contact either Judy at (908) 684-0391 or the church office at (908)876-3547. We want to ensure that Zion is represented at each quarterly meeting and involved in helping the needy in our community! Thank you!

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