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Sunday School Lenten Project Wraps up

Categories: Youth

Our Sunday school students have been busy during Lent earning and donating change for the Heifer Project.  Our final collection took place on Palm Sunday.  We are pleased to announce that the kids raised $543.32!!!! Thank you to all the kids who participated and used some very clever methods to raise funds, including some little artists who sold quite a few paintings for donations! We will take a vote during the Sunday school opening when Sunday school resumes after Easter to decide what kind of animals we will purchase to put in our Ark. Thank you to all of the adults for your support of our Sunday school children as they reach beyond their immediate surroundings to help children and families in need around the world. If you’d like to match our Sunday schoolers’ donations or to learn more please see Laura Hamilton. You may also visit for more information on the Heifer Project.


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