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The Tragedy in Las Vegas – The ELCA Is There

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We were all shocked and deeply saddened by the news reports from Las Vegas concerning the mass shooting this past Sunday that resulted in the deaths of dozens and the injury of hundreds. We pray for the families and friends of those killed, as well as for those who were wounded or injured and all who are near to them. We ask God to be with all of us as we struggle to understand such acts of senseless violence toward others.

For those who are not aware, the ELCA has responded to the tragedy in specific ways beyond raising prayers across the nation and world. Lutheran congregations and organizations in the Las Vegas area opened their doors, offered care and counseling, and organized prayer vigils. Lutheran Church Charities has also dispatched 14 trained comfort dogs, 3 trained police ministry dogs and a total of 31 handlers to Vegas to be with those affected as they attempt to reassemble shattered lives. For more information on the ELCA, please visit


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