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Zion Historic Preservation Plan

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John Bolt and his team are continuing their work on the Zion Historic Preservation Plan. This past month, Dr. Helga Schwartz met with Margaret Newman, a Historic Preservationist on the Bolt team who is concentrating on detailing the various historical renovations to the church building over the years. Specific concerns include the foundation of the church and any renovations to it, as well as access to the foundation underneath the Narthex. Helga has turned over all historical documentation she collected to write her book “Passing on the Faith” to the historian, and this information, when returned, will be preserved and available for viewing in the glass display cabinets now located in the Adult Forum Room. We thank Helga for all she has done, and continues to do, to preserve Zion’s history for our future generations. The Bolt team is on schedule to submit to Zion a preliminary plan in April, and then the final plan to the Morris County Historical Preservation Committee in June. If you would like to be involved with the Preservation Committee, please contact Marlena Schilke at [email protected]


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