Pastor’s Corner


Categories: Youth

Exciting new things are in the works for our Zion Youth. We have about 80 High School and College aged youth in our congregation! We are exploring new ideas to keep our High School and College Youth connected after Confirmation, and reconnect with those we don’t see often. We will be meeting the youth where they are….online! In the coming month we will be announcing our plans to open an online “hangout” where we can chat with our youth about their ideas for worship, youth events and bible study, and anything else that comes to mind. If you are a confirmed High School or College-Aged Youth, or a parent of one, please provide the most updated contact information for your youth on the form on the back of today’s “Bulletin Announcements”. For youths under 18, parents please complete the permission slip that allows us to communicate online, by text or email for Zion church purposes only. If you are interested in being part of planning (we really need to have some youth involved in this), please contact Laura Hamilton in the office, or Renee Feldman at [email protected]

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