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An important piece of our transition process is the gathering of information and opinions from the congregation.  An important piece of this “gathering” is a survey that has been organized by your Transition Team.  The survey can be taken online, beginning on Friday, October 6th, on a site called “Survey Monkey” by clicking on the link below:


Please note!  If you start the survey online and are forced to quit the survey before you have finished it, make note of what section and question you are on.  You can then enter the survey site at a later time and start a new survey where you left off.

If you are not comfortable taking online surveys, we will have paper copies available at the church.  We will even mail you a paper survey if you contact the church office!  The survey will give our Transition Team information that will be passed on to a future Call Committee, and will also highlight areas upon which we can center future discussions.

It is critical that we get as many people participating in this survey as possible.  The more participants, the more accurately our information will represent the entire congregation.  So please take the time to fill out a survey.  If you have questions, you may contact the church office or any member of the Transition Team.

Transition Team members:

Bill Howell,   Dottie Weis,   Maddie Bataille,   Megan Davis,   Diane Rochotte

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