Stewardship is an answer to Jesus’ call to “follow me.”

We are collecting pledge cards at church; as we do, we see our “Tree of Life” come to life!  Please mail to the church or place your pledge cards in the collection box, as well as your Time and Talent sheets.  For each pledge, we will add a leaf to our “Tree of Life” display.  The Revelation of Christ to St. John tells us that the tree of life in God’s new kingdom has leaves that are for “the healing of the nations.”  Let us pray that each leaf placed on our tree will represent the growing ability of Zion Lutheran Church to bring healing to our own community and the world!

Stewardship is founded in love. Love for God and love for one another. We live in a society that tells us to define ourselves by what we own, buy, and consume. However the earth and all that is in it is the Lord’s. We at Zion enjoy participating in the local ecumenical ministerium where gifts of food and money blended with other local congregations provide help to those in need in the area. Our gifts are used where needed to support our congregational expenses and needs.

We have a responsibility to maintain the church, support our pastor and staff, and provide supplies and resources for our ministries. Also, our association with and commitment to the NJ Synod and Evangelical Lutheran Church of America enables us to assist in national and global needs.

Each fall we conduct our Stewardship Campaign, which ends with Commitment Sunday. On this Sunday members of Zion are asked to provide a Commitment for giving for the upcoming year. This is used to help determine the Church’s budget for the upcoming year – this includes salaries, capital improvements and other daily expenses.


Simply Giving at Zion

Zion Lutheran Church would like to remind you of a convenient way to make your regular offerings. With our Simply Giving electronic giving program, you can easily set up a regular giving schedule where your donations are transferred automatically from your checking or savings account into Zion’s bank account. It’s convenient for you and provides much-needed consistency for Zion. If you are currently giving on a weekly basis, you will no longer need to write out 52 checks a year or prepare 52 envelopes. Even when vacation, illness or other circumstances prevent you from attending services, you can continue to donate to Zion on an uninterrupted basis. To become an electronic giver there is a web-based process that is comprehensive and flexible.

You can designate donations for:

  • General/Operating, Capital Campaign, Initial, Altar Flowers, Ash Wednesday, Lenten Wednesdays, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Special.
  • For each category you can give One Time, Weekly, Monthly, Semi-Monthly (1st and 15th), Quarterly and Annually.
  • Set-up and changes are done online and you can make changes as often as you like.

The options on the frequency of electronic giving provide you flexibility in how you make your donations. For example, let’s say you donate $50 every week via an envelope to General/Operating for an annual total of $2,600. You can opt to continue to give $50 a week directly from your checking or savings account or you can choose $110 semi-monthly or $220 monthly. Whichever best fits your needs. You will also continue to receive envelopes, so if you choose you can do a mix of electronic giving and envelope giving. Even if you choose electronic giving, you can continue to put an envelope in the collection plate. We would ask you write “Simply Giving” or “EFT” (for electronic funds transfer) on the envelope, so the counters know not to expect money in the envelope. You will continue to receive the same giving reports reflecting both your electronic giving and envelope giving.

To sign up via the internet, click here. The first time you go on, you will need to “Create Your Profile”. It will ask for your email address and then for you to designate a password (8 characters with letters and at least 1 number). You can then indicate your planned donations, frequency, and start date (at least 3 business days in the future). It will then ask for your checking or savings account information and personal details. You will receive e-mails confirming that your profile has been set-up and any planned donations. Thereafter, you need only to use your e-mail and password to log on to add planned donations or change previously planned donations.

Vanco Services, the provider of Simply Giving, supports electronic giving to over 11,000 churches & non-profit organizations and is endorsed by Thrivent Financial. Vanco maintains a high level of security and no personal information is shared with any other party. All information provided will be kept highly confidential.

If you have any questions or need assistance setting up your giving via Simply Giving at Zion, please contact Barb Schulz at (201) 787-7460 or [email protected] Thank you for your financial support of the mission of Zion Lutheran Church.