Worship Times


Lutherans understand that God meets us through the Word & Sacraments, and so we gather around the Word and Holy Communion at every worship service.  

Typically, from the Sunday after Labor Day to the Sunday before Memorial Day, there is an 8AM contemporary worship service and 10:30AM traditional worship service (check calendar for a particular Sunday).  Summer worship is at 9AM and we alternate between contemporary & traditional.

In-person worship at the Hoehn Outdoor Chapel:  There is space for about 15-20 people on the pews, please bring a lawn chair for extra seating.  We will continue live-streaming worship. In case of inclement weather, we’ll worship in the sanctuary and use 48″ fans to circulate the air by drawing it out of the space.  Please see the Guidelines for returning to in-person worship (e.g., wearing masks, etc…)



Sunday Worship


Virtual and in-person worship

9 AM

Please see how we are beginning to relax COVID-19 practices