ZION’S Executive Council

 President ~ Fred Humcke

 Vice President ~ Renee Feldman

 Finance ~ Marna Keller

Secretary ~ Larry Salvatore

ZION’S Council

Malainie Hibler-Stoma ~ Worship & Music, Alter Guild, Stewardship and Thrivent

 Marilyn Hibler ~ Outreach and Stephen Ministry

 Bill Howell ~ Christian Education (Adult Forum, Sunday School and VBS)

 Vi Muriello ~ Parish Life and Coffee Hour


Call Prayer Team ~ Fred Humcke

Property ~ Renee Feldman

Sunday School ~ Renee Feldman and Marie Strebel

Jr. & Sr. Youth Groups ~ Jance Denzler

Men’s & Women’s Ministries ~ Jance Denzler

LVCNS Committee ~ Jance Denzler

Stephen Ministry ~ Marcia Horner

VBS ~ 2018 TBD

LVCAP Liaison ~ Sarah Scudese and Mrs. Zwingle

Coffee Hour ~ Christine Stabile